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Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE! The next volume of Phil & Kaja Foglio's acclaimed graphic novel series!

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July Girl Genius Exorcism Engines Status Update!
4 months ago – Sun, Jul 30, 2023 at 04:26:24 PM

Hello, and welcome to the end of July!


I was hoping that I’d be able to say that the last of the USA shipments would all go out this coming week, but it turns out that I didn’t have all the books I need here. This was not a happy discovery. I now have to wait for another shipment from our TopatoCo warehouse, which is on the other side of the US. So it will take a little longer. Still, the end is in sight, and I do have a pile of boxes that will go out on Monday.  I AM almost done with the domestic shipments, and that feels good.


Many of my International shipments have already gone out, all the full sets, for instance, and some others, but the remainder of those are still awaiting my attention. Everyone should be getting an email with a tracking number when their packages ship, so if you haven’t got one, I probably haven’t got your package sent yet. I am sorry about that.


I believe I promised everyone here the dragon’s lair wallpaper when I got it done for Patreon, so here it is!

Wallpapers of the above artwork for you to download:



and for devices and phones:



Or, you can download a zipped archive file of all of them.

In about a week I'll be traveling out of state for a few days to get my youngest kid settled at college. It's very much an exciting and scary time for all of us. I'll have as much shipped as I can before I go, and I'll probably have another update for you before the end of August. See you then, and thank you all so much for your patience with me. This hasn't been an easy year and I'm sorry it's affected my shipping. I feel terrible about it all.

Thanks everybody!


June's Girl Genius shipping update
6 months ago – Mon, Jun 26, 2023 at 05:07:05 PM

Cheyenne's gorgeous colors!

Hello again!

This week, among other things, I’ll be shipping out the last of the Epic sets. If you need address changes, please act quickly, and use our official contact form. Please don’t tell us about address changes in the comments, things left there get lost easily. Our form means we’ll see it quickly!

Tonight , Monday, June 26, 2023 · 8 PM - 9 PM PDT, I’ll be demoing the new Girl Genius video game on Twitch. Then I’ll get back to packing your shipments! You can play the demo too, it’s on Steam right now as part of Steam’s Next Fest.

I discovered a bit of a problem regarding the Epic sets (and a few other orders) that I hope I’ve been able to fix as well as possible: We had an inventory mistake, and I’m going to have to ship some of the USA Volume 12s later. As an apology, backers who have to wait for their Volume 12 will be getting a little original drawing from Phil along with the rest of their books. I hope it helps, and I’m very, very sorry about this. It’s really bothering me.

One other problem hit today, but it turns out to actually only affect seven of you. (Whew.) To those of you who are affected: I've made a list, and I’ll be re-shipping your proper Volume One Hardcovers this week.

The art attached to this month’s update is the colored art for that upcoming set of countdown calendars, featuring dice behind all the little windows instead of melty chocolate. Don’t eat the dice. I’m looking forward to those!

Other than that, I’m working hard to get your books out the door. I’m supposed to be putting together a new wallpaper for our Patreon patrons soon. When it's ready, I’ll post it here for you folks as well.

Thanks everyone!


May Girl Genius Update (I'm sorry I missed April!)
6 months ago – Wed, May 31, 2023 at 04:38:22 PM

Well, I’m still packing and shipping things. I’ve had some setbacks but of course nothing that will keep me from getting you your books. It’s just a bunch things that have delayed me. It’s always something. I’m very sorry for being so behind, and I really appreciate your patience with me.

Phil is currently working on something neat, a set of illustrations for Advent-style countdown calendars with dice inside. They can be used for pretty much anything, holidays, graduations, birthdays, whatever you’re looking forward to. Above, I’m showing off the two pieces Phil has drawn so far. He’s doing four total, I know he’s planning a party scene with the Jägers and I’m not sure what the fourth will be. I think they’ll look really great once Cheyenne’s got at them with his magic box of colors.

While I pack things, I’ve been catching up on the TV shows I loved in the 1980’s. Back then if I missed it it was gone, so there are a few series I still remember but never got to see all of. I loved a show called Wizards and Warriors (cough cough, the incredible villain). Unfortunately, whatever we were doing back in 1983, it always got me home for about the last quarter of the show, and I always felt bad that I didn’t get to see the whole thing. WELL! It turns out it was terrible, so there were only 8 episodes, and now I have them on DVD. Now, 40 years later, I’m getting closure on one of my early nerd influences. Yay! I will say, the princess is an embarrassing stereotype, but it turns out I still love this dumb show. It makes me laugh so hard. I love the part where the villains are playing some kind of fantasy not-chess, and the pieces are just glow sticks stood on end. The kind you get at children’s birthday parties and raves. It’s amazing. I’ve also got Tales of the Gold Monkey and Thundarr the Barbarian waiting, so I’m excited about those.

Still, I can’t even blame "tv distraction" for my latest goof, since I wasn’t watching anything when I made it. Thank goodness I caught it though, because I printed the wrong labels and very nearly sent a huge shipment of softcovers to a bunch of you who were supposed to get hardcovers. I did notice in time, no fear. I had to peel the labels off of every package, void a bunch of stuff I’d paid for, triple-check and print new labels and do the whole thing over again. It was horrifying.

As always doing this all myself is not…fun. I do have help from my Mom and kids when they have the time, but they’re pretty busy with their own work so mostly it’s me. I had really hoped that this time I could hire the job out, but between my not wanting to charge too much for postage and the USPS raising their rates again, I couldn’t afford it. So here I am. That’s not your problem, of course, except that it means I get the books out more slowly than I’d like.

Also, I missed April. I’m so sorry! That’s what I get for posting on the last day of March I guess, I was sure I’d already posted. I don’t have much more to say but I know it’s still important to say something. My biggest problem is that I want to give news, but I really don’t want to just come on and give a bunch of excuses for being behind schedule, nobody cares and I don’t like to whine about it. So the news ends up being "yup, I’m still putting things in boxes and dragging them to the post office." Scintillating, I know.

But that’s what I’m doing! Packing and shipping! I’ll make sure not to miss the June update. See you soon!

Thanks, everyone!


Last-Minute Girl Genius March Update!
8 months ago – Fri, Mar 31, 2023 at 11:00:45 PM

March is over, I’ve got about an hour left of it here in my time zone. So here I am with a last-second update.

Thank you for your patience as I continue to pack and ship your rewards. It's taking longer than I'd like so I thought I'd send out a small digital present to everyone in the PDF spreadsheets from when I sent out the campaign’s PDF pile.

Emails are currently sending, containing a link to a PDF download at DriveThruComics. That's the same service we use to send the PDFs for the Girl Genius collections. The story is a little 8 page story I adapted and drew, based on a Norwegian folk tale about trolls. It was drawn for a comic anthology called "Last Dangerous Christmas" published in 1997. Quinton Hoover of Magic the Gathering fame did the inks. I was very honored.

Don’t worry, I didn’t take any time out of packing your stuff to prep the files, they were already set up from a project I abandoned a while back. I hope you enjoy the story!


p.s. If the link doesn’t show up, check your spam folders. If you need us to resend, don’t use the comments below, we might miss your message. Write to us at [email protected] .

Thanks everyone!

Girl Genius: the Exorcism Engines February 2023 update
10 months ago – Fri, Feb 17, 2023 at 04:49:55 PM

Hello again, everyone!

Not much to report, I’m packing and shipping things. It’s going slower than I’d like because once again I’m having to do it all in house. Postage went up again and the money pool simply won’t cover having someone else do the work. I hate it, but I also hate having to charge you guys as much as I do for shipping. It’s already horrible and people complain, but in most cases it doesn’t actually cover the whole price, and I don’t have any left over for hired help.

I back a lot of crowdfund-y projects, and I notice that a lot of us wind up having to post things like "I’m sorry I haven’t posted an update in a while, there isn’t much to say right now, things are just chugging along as usual." I guess it’s nice to know I’m not alone, but it also tells me to just post anyway. I already know that, but it’s good to be reminded. So yes, I’m working on it!

All the original art pages are now on their way to their destinations. I’m now doing pick and pack with books. Fun times! I’ll post again soon when I have more to say.

One last thing, Chris (who helps with the emails) tells me that some folks are asking about when the next crowdfunding campaign will be. That’s very sweet and I actually appreciate it a lot because sometimes I feel like everyone MUST be fed up with me by this time. The answer is I don’t know yet, I hate to launch a new one when I’m still packing up the old one. I would like to do a pins and pointies campaign soon but I don’t quite know when that could be. I’ll let you know!

Thanks, all!